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Original request on June 10, 2010 at approx 9:00a.m. CDT: Helen is very sick needs urgent prayer. Thank you for your prayers. Jerry
AWESOME GOD, I received this message later in the same day, as follows: Lynn: Thank you for the prayers. I told my Mom at lunch about you and your story. She and I cried togeather. Said she layed there in the bed some where about 10 am, she felt a hand come down on her and she knew who it was and we just cried. It is such a wonderful thing to have people like you out there to pray for some...one you dont even know. She said to Thank You. Continue to remember her in you prayers. Lynn

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Urgent prayer needed for Nancy. Thanks, Jerry

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REQUEST RECEIVED From: Cynde Kent Date: 9/21/2008 7:12:34 PM
A precious friend of mine requests prayer for her toddler grandson, Jack (I believe Jack is two years old). Jack has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors feel that chemo. will successfully treat the illness. We know that God can cause that to be or that He can heal him in an instant. Also pray for Jack's parents and my friend, Louise. I can not imagine the heart break of hearing such a diagnoses of a little one. My heart hurts.
Be a blessing! Cynde

My friend reports that her grandboy, Jack, is 100% cancer free!!!! To God be the glory! He has to undergo treatment for the next three years. The medication blouts him quite a bit; but, she and his parents are thankful for the touch of the Healer!
Thank to the Lord for hearing and answering the prayers of the faithful concerning this precious toddler. Be a blessing! Cynde

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I can give you an update on Jeff. He is doing great. He spent a few days in the hospital and is doing great. The dr. said for him to have been in "that state" it was a miracle he healed a quick as he did. I say no...that is the power of prayer and a God who cares!

07:33:55 pm, Categories: Prayer,
Jerry, A lady I work with received an emergency call to meet her son at the hopsital. He is bleeding internally and the doctors have not found where he is bleeding from. The man's name is Jeff Wilson. I told her I would pray for Jeff and the family and that I would send you an email when I got home. Thank you so much, Stephanie

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Lea Ann and baby.

Subject: Lea Ann and baby!!! Prayer request from Jeff.

WOW, WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!!!!! Prayer warriors thank you for your prayers. As you can see, it was a miracle! This was this August 14th, 2008 request!!! Thank you for participating in this miracle. Jerry

From Jeff: Lea Ann has Lupus and is pregnant with her first child. She is in the hospital. Her baby is in distress and they cannot find a heartbeat from the baby. She was told not to have a baby or she could possibly die. Needs urgent prayer. Jeff

The following is this August 17, 2008 praise report.....God is an awesome God!!! Keep them in your prayers so the devil can not steal this miracle. Jerry

From Jeff:
August 17, 2008

I just got a call from my cousin Gail. Lea Ann and the baby (Mason Conner Harman) came home today. Lea Ann began to have strong pain in her abdomen and they took her back to the ER. The OBGYN doctor had left a large ball of gauze inside her.

God has worked miracles here in spite of incompetent doctors. Below are the sequence of events in this DOUBLE MIRACLE. Jerry

Original Prayer request.
August 14, 2008
To: Jerry

Lea Ann has Lupus and is pregnant with her first child. She is in the hospital. Her baby is in distress and they cannot find a heartbeat from the baby. She was told not to have a baby or she could possibly die. Needs urgent prayer. Jeff

Prayer Answered same day:
August 14, 2008

From: yukon@tcworks.net
Date: 8/14/2008 8:56:58 PM
To: jmgilbert1@gmail.com

Subject: Answered Prayer

Bro. Gilbert,

As of this hour, Lea Ann delivered a 6 lb. 13 oz. baby boy !

Lea Ann is in stable condition. The baby is stable also.

The baby had been without fluid in the placenta for over a week.

The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. The physician had to enter and turn the baby and move the umbilical cord from around the baby's neck and turn the baby. They were preparing to deliver the baby by "C" Section,but Lea Ann delivered naturally.

We will know more about the infant as further test are done.

My cousin Gail wants to Thank Everyone for their Prayers. She believes that it was the Prayers of the Saints of God that saved her daughter and her grandson.

I personally want to Thank Everyone also.

God is our Healer ! His Mercies are Great and We want to Shout out praises to Him for this Miracle.

Thank You So Much ! Jeff

From: Jeff
To: Bro. Gilbert,

August 17, 2008

I just got a call from my cousin Gail. Lea Ann and the baby (Mason Conner Harman) came home today. Lea Ann began to have strong pain in her abdomen and they took her back to the ER. The OBGYN doctor had left a large ball of gauze inside her.

From: Jeff on 8/17/08 @10:40 PM

Bro. Gilbert,

All is well ! Lea Ann is doing better ! She is home with her baby. Lea Ann is having to deal with a great deal of Post Partum Depression from the trauma. Mason is still a little jaundice, but that is expected with the trauma he has been through.

Lea Ann and her Mother want to Thank Everyone for Their Prayer! They both believe the situation would have turned into a tragedy if it had not been for the Saints of God and their Prayers.

God Is Great and Greatly To Be Praised !!!! Thank You and all the Prayer Warriors !!!!

P.S. It is OK to Print.

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WOW GOD WORKS FAST! The following prayer request was phoned to Jan as the paramedics were on their way. This was received within minutes of the accident as follows: Prayer Warriors, Betty, just called me, her husband, Bob, just fell off a ladder in their foyer. He cannot move..While talking to me the EMS came to her door..She is going to try and get them to take him to HEB in Bedford....Thanks ---jp

Thank you for your prayers for Bob. Below is your answer. Remember he could not move! Prayer works. Jerry
-------Original Message-------

From: Jan Parker
Date: 8/13/2008 7:37:27 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: Update on Bob Crone

Prayer Warriors, Bob's hip is fractured and they will do a hip replacement in the AM. They care flighted him to Harris Methodist in downtown this afternoon....He's in A LOT of pain but doing OK....Thanks in advance for all you prayers.....jp

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I received the following praise report from Greg. He was in a wheel chair a few weeks ago when we requested prayer for him. God is an awesome God. Thank you for your prayers for Greg. Prayer works. Marvels beyond all your imaginings are unfolding. God is your Guide. Joy in that thought. Please continue your prayers for Greg for complete healing and restoration. His last email is as follows: Jerry

Jerry, How are you and Jo doing! good I hope,Me I am doing 200% better thanks to GOD and To all you nice people praying on my behalf. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I was going into the biopsy proceedure the Doctor just came out and said do you want me to fix your back while I am in there and it stuned me at first and then it flashed in my mind this is how God works so I said yes and then asked how he was going to do it, He said I am going to epoxy your vertibrates I didnt tell him that two spine doctors had already told me that the procedure wouldnt work on me, nope didnt say a word because God can make stuff work when there is no posible way for them to work. I would hurt real bad over the next couple of days and said once that the doctor must of caused some more nerve damage but I could walk without loosing my ballance and kept thanking God for all he has done for me including fixing my back. Today a week later I can walk without hardly any pain at all and I thank God for pulling me up out of that wheel chair every day. tell Jo I said hi and I am still praying for both of you. Greg

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Jan Parker

Jerry, My battle with cancer began around Sept of 2007..I began to feel real tired and couldn't finish a task without sitting down. When I'd take a shower, I'd have to go and lay down until my head cleared then go back fix my hair and put on makeup, lay back down and when my head cleared I could then get dressed. I thought I had the flu, so I continued to compensate by not moving around as much.
It continued to get worse, I passed out in the parking lot, Hugh,(my husband), said, "that was it, you are going to the doctor." This was 2 days before Thanksgiving.
I went to my Doctor and he immediately said, "you're anemic!! I want you to see an internal medicine doctor tomorrow." His office made me an appointment for the next day.
When I went to see Dr. Bass, he said "Your fuel tank is empty." My hematocrit was 4.5 and should be at least 10.5 - 14.0....He immediately put me in the hospital and by Thanksgiving AM they had infused 6 units of blood. There are only 8 units in your body..They could not figure out how I was walking and talking with only 2 units running around my veins!
All through this God was lifting me up and I KNEW that everything was going to be OK..
The next week Dr. Bass did a colonoscopy and found the tumor on my transverse colon. There are also 21 lymph glands on the stomach area and 6 were compromised so they took all 21..They removed 21" of my transverse and descending colon -- They hooked my small intestine to what was left of of transverse colon and I was as good as new!!! Dr. Barloco did all this surgery laproscopic, so I have no scars to speak of..
God was faithful through this whole process..I KNEW when I came out of surgery that ALL the cancer was gone...I did go through Chemo for 6 months (4 pills in AM and 4 pills in PM for 2 wks then off a week) I claimed through the entire process that God was going to take all the bad side effects and turn them into good ones. I was NEVER sick or nauseated, I worked out on my Gazelle for 30 min to 1 hr each day and I NEVER lost my hair...I give God ALL the praise and glory for this miracle!!!
When I'd go into the doctor's office he'd kinda shake his head and say "You're doing really good, are you sure you're not feeling bad?"
I'd say " I told you I'm claiming that God is turning all the bad side effects into good ones and I haven't felt this good in a long time."
I finished my Chemo and went to see Dr. Turner on the 7th of July...He said that all my blood work (cancer markers) has been excellent all through this process and he doesn't see any reason to do all kinds of scans and tests at this time...He told me to come back in 3 MOS and we'd make decisions at that time.
Prayer from all over the world and here at home has bathed me in God's peace and glory...God is the Great Physician and has kept me in the hollow of His hand through all this process...
I am completely at peace with this disease that I NO LONGER have, because God has given me that inner peace to know that He is in control of my life....Jan Parker, Hurst,TX

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December 2006 UPDATE:


Original prayer request November 21, 2006:

A calcified deposit was found on Jo's mammogram. Please pray that it is not malignant. Thanks

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