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Jerry Bristow
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A Glimpse

The Challenge of 2003
By: Jerry Bristow

How it all began-

-In 2002, Chronic allergies led to multiple tests being run by my allergist to determine what was going on..

-Went through sinus surgery in August of 2002, which seemed to alleviate symptoms of drainage and constant colds.

-Requested by allergist to undergo a few more tests in the Fall 2002.

-Referred to oncologist/hematologist in December 2002 due to test results.

-Told by oncologist that I had either Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined

Significance MGUS (a benign form of disease) or multiple Myeloma (an active form of disease).

-I did research to figure out what I had or potentially had.

-During the following months I had several blood tests to determine if the disease was actively progressing. The doctor had a hard time pinning it down because of the lack of plasma in my bone marrow and the absence of lesions.

-After my counts went up in April 2003, the doctor sent me to UAMS in Little Rock Arkansas to figure out what was going on.

-In June 2003 my tumor markers increased and the doctors at Little Rock determined that I needed treatment immediately due to the aggressive nature of the disease.

-As a reaction to my first treatment, my blood sugar jumped to 600, I was debilitated both physically and mentally. I was hospitalized for 4 days after returning home.

-Two days later I had an episode and remained hospitalized for 15 days while the doctors ran several tests to determine what had happened.

-I lost over 30 lbs during the month of July. Fellow believers from my church, my family and their church in Georgia, and my brothers church in Ramstein, Germany began to petition GOD on my behalf.

-One day after my release from the hospital we had to travel back to Little Rock for my second treatment.

-The following treatments went smoothly, including both stem cell transplants.

Experiences (how GOD has been glorified)-

-98% remission after only one treatment; this was unheard of the best response was 58%.

-How much my wife, family, and friends love me and how much I them.

-Outpouring of love from the Body of Christ. (Hospital visits, phone calls, cards, prayers, chores around the house, moving us from our old house to our new house.). Witness to hospital staff. (Matthew 25: 39 & 40).

-Difficulty in the hospital. At one point during my hospital stay, I wanted to quit. The Lord spoke to me that it was not my time yet. He reminded me that He would never leave me nor forsake me.

-Family and friends were drawn together to pray.

-Met fellow believers in the hospital that were able to share and testify about GOD.

-GOD blesses in the little things: nausea, bone marrow biopsies, needle sticks, procedures. GOD wants to answer even the smallest prayer.


-What’s going to happen with my job? GOD gave me the job in the first place. My company has been outstanding and supportive.

-What about our new house? GOD is in control. GOD blessed us with a house that we had signed a contract for a year earlier. We moved in January 24, 2003.

-Will we be able to sell our old house? (Top of the market!). GOD blessed us to sell our house the first day that we listed it for what we asked for.

-Where will we stay if we sell our old house? GOD spoke to the brother who we sold the house (a fellow believer) and he allowed us to stay in the house until our new house was ready.

-We need help with the insurance. The transplant is $250,000-$350,000 and the insurance will only pay 60%. GOD provided for total coverage of the treatments through an avenue that we didn’t even know existed.

God’s truths (what has GOD taught me or is attempting to teach me in this?)-

-Why did this happen to me? Why not? We are not exempt from pain and suffering.

-What ever we go through, GOD will never leave you nor forsake you. “I have been young and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread (Psalm 37: 25).

-“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jer.29:11)

-YOU ARE HEALED. GOD spoke this to me and reaffirmed it through at least two other witnesses.

-This is not my home. Heaven is my true home.

Bottom line…….

GOD is good all the time; all the time GOD is good!!!!


4/3/06---Just wanted to let you know that we were in Little Rock last week for my six month check up.  Everything went smoothly, from the trip there and back to the procedures.  I am still in complete remission. 

Jerry Bristow
9966 Parker Lake Circle
Navarre, Florida 32566

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