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Amanda Carr
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Payday 2002
By: Amanda Carr

Friday Oct. 25 2002 was payday. I used nearly my entire check to pay off my car on my lunch break; I was too excited to wait until after work. At home that evening, my husband and I decided to invite my parents out to dinner for a car-paying-off celebration. We had a nice dinnr, and more than halfway home we had a head-on collision.

The smell of gasoline and burning rubber stung my nostrils. Thank God, Ben was able to get himself out of the car; I was trapped. It was burning. Rescue workers were there in an instant, and the first person to stop was a life-long family friend. One of the EMTs was my across-the-street neighbor and many of the volunteer firefighters were old classmates. What a blessing to be surrounded by familiar faces in the mist of such madness.

While they worked to free me from the car, I assessed my injuries as best I could. I had a broken tooth and many broken bones, but not a single burn, no internal injuries and only minor cuts on one of my fingers. Even then I was aware of God working amid the confusion. On retrospect, I think He cut through the fog of chaos and shock to allow me to see the miracles from the very beginning so that when the recovery process was at its roughest in months to come, I could look back and be encouraged.

More that two years have passed now and though I’m still recovering, the process has evolved from merely physical to emotional and spiritual. God used this experience to make me a better person, to make my life better. I now enjoy a greater love and appreciation for my husband as a result of what we’ve survived together. I’ve also had the opportunity to pursue educational and occupational goals I would have never chased otherwise. God has truly given me the desires of my heart.

More than the tangible gains, I’ve now had experiences that confirm God is not only present in my life, but active every day. I know the spiritual lessons I’ve been taught are true. I know God is an ever-present help in time of trouble because He was there when I was literally lying in a ditch on the side of Old Iowa Park Road. I know that God is a healer because I have greatly surpassed every prognosis the doctors came up with. I know God provides because through the kindness of friends and total strangers many of our initial expenses were taken care of, and for all else His grace is sufficient.

Like a marred vessel, He allowed me to be torn down so He could make something new, and I will never fail to give Him glory for it.

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